You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

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It really is that loud.

Moms Coping Mechanisms Tote bag

Pretty sure I’m impressed


Go ask your father
Had me going for a second there.

Camping With Kids Activities and Fun


Who doesn’t love a good morning vomit fest?

Hands Full Mug

I should have picked sides.
Anywhere, alone. So alone.
I have not, and that does not rhyme at all my son.
Mostly disgust, but definitely awe mixed in. So much ingenuity.
Pretty sure that makes me the worst mom ever. Just sayin.
Target has slow flow, why not me??
husband problems. I got a lot of ’em.



Little deep for the dairy aisle, son.


My calendar doesn’t go out that far.

Good Reasons to Start a Blog (and Some Bad Reasons too)

Are you? Did you just? Yes. You are counting to ten. Fantastic.
Say it with me dear – Art-i-choke.

Wry Parents Guide to: Prenatal Incontinence


#boymom for life





I’m up all night with a baby human, might as well throw a baby plant in the pile


You didn’t ask how old you act
I hope I’ve prepared him for parenting his little lego monster. Night feeds, Lego diaper changes.  It’s going to be a whole new world.



We are still working on history…
How would you feel about standing on your head?

Wry Parents Guide: Taking Your Children to Church